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Contributing to Flutter

[![Build Status](](

_See also: [Flutter's code of conduct](
_tl;dr: join [Discord](, be [courteous](, follow the steps below to set up a development environment; if you stick around and contribute, you can [join the team]( and get commit access._

@@ -20,14 +18,16 @@ our trust and demonstrated a commitment to Flutter. For more details
see the [Contributor access](
page on our wiki.

We communicate primarily over GitHub and on [chat channels](
We communicate primarily over GitHub and [Discord](

_See also: [Flutter's code of conduct](

Helping out in the issue database

If you want to help us triage, you are very welcome to do so!

1. Join the #hackers-triage [chat]( channel.
1. Join the #hackers-triage [Discord channel](

2. Read [our code of conduct](, which stipulates explicitly
that everyone must be gracious, respectful, and professional. If you're helping out

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