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Linux is an open source kernel modeled after UNIX. Widely used, it is known for its efficiency and reliability.

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sten0 commented Aug 23, 2019

A recent email to debian DASH kde AT lists DOT debian DOT org made me aware of Strawberry. Thank you very much for carrying the Amarok 1.x banner into the future :-)

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Several users in the above noted list have expressed their dissatisfaction with being stuck having to migrate from Amarok 2.x to something else, while losing vari

bastiencyr commented Sep 15, 2021

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  • Vorta version: Latest

The name format of keys in the key manager is '/home/user/repo_path'. Other applications give a more appropriate name like "Nextcloud", "Pika Backup Password"... At least, "Vorta' should appear in the name. Maybe "Vorta Backup Password" or "vorta.backup.path_to_repo" for description field. It should b

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Released September 17, 1991